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RSS Readers

RSS is an increasingly popular format which web site publishers use to deliver a quick summary of the latest articles on their sites. Using RSS a publisher can give web browsers the title and a brief summary of a new article, along with the date and time at which it was last updated and other information.

By using an RSS reader, you can easily keep track of breaking news or keep up to date with the latest articles from your favourite site, all at a glance without actually visiting that site. For instance, you could see the latest headlines from the BBC or Reuters and go directly to articles which would interest you. More useful information on RSS feeds at the BBC Website here

Below is a list of a RSS readers which you may find useful. Alternatively you can try searching Google for "RSS Reader". All links open in a new window. Assetz News has no control over, and does not accept responsibility for content of, external web sites.

You Subscribe

You Subscribe is an RSS reader which plugs into Internet Explorer and Outlook. When you surf to a page which offers an RSS feed you can use a button on your toolbar to add the feed to your list, which you can view in Microsoft Outlook just like your email.

Active Web Reader

Active Web reader is another web browser which also functions as an RSS reader. You can quickly and easily import your IE Favourites, then browse away while in a sidebar you can have your list of RSS feeds telling you when a new article has been published


Pluck is a plugin for IE which offers an RSS reader, a bookmark manager and more, all from a sidebar. As well as being able to subscribe to your favourite RSS channels, you can also keep track of eBay auctions and store a number of search terms which the software will automatically watch for you on eBay, Amazon and Google.


Firefox is an open-source web browser, much mentioned in the media lately as a rival for Micrsoft's Internet Explorer. Among the many features that it offers above IE's capabilities are tabbed browsing, which allows you to view multiple pages all in one window, and live bookmarks, which allow you to read RSS feeds from within your browser.

For more information on RSS, read the official RSS specification at Harvard Law.

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